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Once licensed, Caretoker hopes to provide these services to experienced tokers.

1). Smoking free donated pot at designated pot smoking sections approved by each facility.

2). Caretaker pick up/delivery of smoke/edibles/vapes/concentrates from dispensaries.

3). Routine visits from local volunteer caretokers (mostly within walking distance).

4). Art, Music, History, Storytelling, Videos and our mobile Priceless Store.

5). Chores, Shopping, Cooking, Cleaning, Friendship, Rides & More.

It's Difficult For Seniors To Party, Or Gain Access To Pot In Assisted Living, Group Homes, Independent Living, Nursing Homes, Retirement Homes, or Affordable Developments.

We hope to party with experienced smokers in smoking areas of their facilities.

Our caretaking service provides pot access and a friendly person to party with.

We visit to Seniors living at home, in facilities & at participating local Adult Day Care Centers.


Where are NJ's Dispensaries?

By Company

Ascend - Montclair, Rochelle Park

Botanist Compassionate Care Foundation - Atlantic City, Egg Harbor

Breakwater - Cranberry

Columbia Care - Vineland

Curaleaf - Bellmawr

Garden State - Eatontown, Woodbridge & Union

Harmony - Secaucus

Rise - Paterson

Zen Leaf - Elizabeth

By Town

Atlantic City - Botanist Compassionate Care Foundation

Bellmawr - Curaleaf

Cranberry - Breakwater

Eatontown - Garden State

Egg Harbor - Botanist Compassionate Care Foundation

Elizabeth - Zen Leaf

Montclair - Ascend

Paterson - Rise

Rochelle Park - Ascend

Secaucus - Harmony

Union - Garden State

Vineland - Columbia Care

Garden State - Woodbridge

What age do Caretoker volunteers need to be?


How close do Caretoker volunteers need to be?

Walking distance preferred.

Do Caretoker volunteers get prerolled joints to smoke with clients?

Yes, prerolled joints are supplied with seperate joints for themselves and their clients.

Do Caretoker's pass joints or smoke individual joints together?

Company policy is smoking individual joints together, do not pass it over

Do Caretoker's collect the roaches, or leave them with clients?

Company policy is to leave them with clients, but warn them against smoking indoors

What towns are Caretoker volunteers first needed in?

Atlantic City, Egg Harbor City & Galloway Township in Atlantic County,

Shamong in Burlington County

Bellmawr in Camden County

Vineland in Cumberland County

Ewing & Trenton in Mercer County

Middlesex in Middlesex County

Asbury Park in Monmouth County

Elizabeth, Rahway & Union in Union County

& Phillipsburg in Warren County

How does NJ Medical Marijuana Program let elderly individuals register me as a Caregiver?

Nj Dept of Health Medical Marijuana Site

What are cannabinoids, terpenoids, and flavonoids?

Cannabinoids react to create euphoric effects

Terpenoids adds the taste, flavors and aromas

Flavonoids adds the health aspects

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