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Our Caretokers Routinely Visit Our Experienced Senior Pot Smoking Clients.

The Boomers Of The 1950's, Who Were Teens In The 1960's, Are Today's Seniors

Local Tokers Supplied with Weed Will Share Friendships With Our Elderly Clients.

NJ Is Now Legal, Federal Funded Senior Housing Will Hopefully Let Seniors Party.

Our Compassionate Effort To Alleviate Senior Stress Can Be Launched Immediately.

Caretoker Partys In Safe Spaces With Elderly Clients Using High Quality Pot Products.

Caretoker Will Routinely Deliver Pot Products & Party With Elderly NJ Companion Clients.

Caretoker Will Use High CBD Strains & Those That Best Match Clients Specialized Needs.

Beyond Flower We Plan To Offer Edibles, Concentrates, Inhalers, Topicals & Oral Products.

Caretoker Wants To Share Some Smiles By Relaxing The People That Have Suffered The Most.

We Start Off With Free Joints For The Neediest People, Funded By Dead Artist Jean Michel Basquiat.

Therapeutic Benefits Of Our Caregiving

Our Volunteers elevate clients moods by stimulating their appetite for food, fun and friendship.

We unwind our clients stress and anxiety by letting pot ease their minds and their bodies.

We withdraw our clients opioid usage reducing side effects & improving quality of life.

We help clients enjoy life again by reducing inflamation, stress and depression.

We guide, educate & make clients more confident on their cannabis journeys.

Our stories/friendship helps clients smile more and provides them a happier outlook.

Our strains can calm and relax clients chronic visceral, musculoskeletal, and neuropathic pain.

Pot advances wellness by treating cramps, spasms, fatigue, it even helps glaucoma.

A blissful sleep, restores clients energies, becoming more active & creative daily.

This powerful plant helps deal with any post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Recreational relief, will reduce the headaches, migraines & nausea of life.

After Covid We All Have PTSD, It's Now Time To Begin To Unwind!

Pot Helps With ALS, Cancer, Chronic Pain, Dementia, Depression, Epilepsy, HIV/Aids,

Huntington's, IBD, Multiple Sclerosis, Neuropathy, Parkingson's, PTSD & Spinal Cord Injuries.

Pot Press For Seniors

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